New Dawn Rose, You Sexy Beast

New Dawn Rose

We planted a New Dawn climbing rose a couple of years ago on the southeast corner of the house and this year it is rewarding us with a spectacular display. I wish I had planned a bit better and installed something larger for this beauty to climb on before it grew to its present size. A nice piece of wrought iron trellis against the brick of the house would have been a nice touch.

But now I think we’ll just anchor it directly to the brick and coax it up the wall. The hard part will be pruning it into shape when every single thorny stem is covered with pink blossoms. I’m loathe to let even one of those blooms go to waste–We’ll brighten up the house by filling every available bud vase and empty bottle.

I’ll have to find my toughest pair of gloves for the project. I just glance in the general direction of this rose and find a thorn sticking in my finger. The curse of the rose gardener. But all that beauty is worth a little pain.

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