Yeah, Radishes!

Aw, Radishes!Spring means radishes. Crunchy and peppery.  And quick! From seed to harvest in a little over three weeks for some varieties. About as close to instant gratification as one gets from gardening!

Something the French love and I do, too, is radish slices on buttered brown bread sprinkled with sea salt.  Use good butter. And good salt. It’s impossible to duplicate properly with store-bought radishes, so this treat is only available a couple of times a year, spring and fall. Summers in my part of Kentucky get a little too hot for a radishes after june but sometimes a second batch can be harvested in the fall if the weather cooperates.

The leaves are quite good, too. Sauté with a little garlic and olive oil. If they’re young enough and devoid of the sharp needles some varieties have, throw ’em right in a salad.

So go ahead, relish a radish.

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2 Responses to Yeah, Radishes!

  1. My problem with radishes is…wait for it…squirrels! The spring and fall radishes have to fight for turf with the rodents wanting to either bury or dig up their winter bounty. Next year–more/better fencing!

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