The Garden Awakes


Apple blossoms and blue skies!

Hello spring, true spring, the spring we thought would never come!

The garden loam is ready to receive our offerings of bean seeds, tomato seedlings and various other alms we’ll present to the earth in an attempt to coax forth a bounty of goodies come July and August.


Future tomatoes!

We look at each spring day as a gift in our part of the Ohio River Valley as the gentle temperatures last about as long as the truncated lifespan of the short-lived mayfly. We all too quickly sink into the heat and humidity of a summer that lasts well into October.

So we close our eyes and breath deeply of the good spring air while it lasts.

And pray for asparagus.


Sweet, sweet asparagus!


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19 Responses to The Garden Awakes

  1. Spring is the best time of the year. Ours is over all the blooming trees and shrubs are done. We now have summer temperatures down here in the South.

  2. Spring has definitely sprung in your neighborhood. 🙂 Enjoy each of those asparagus spears.

  3. Cheers for Spring and Best Wishes for Tomatoes and Asparagus.

  4. Laurie Graves says:

    Beautiful pictures! And, yes, welcome, Spring. In Maine, as in Ohio, she has taken a long time to show her pretty face.

  5. KerryCan says:

    Bright yellow-green against an impossibly blue sky–spring has sprung!

  6. Helen says:

    Yummy asparagus!

  7. Ellen Hawley says:

    What a wonderful season.

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