Spring Stirs From Her Slumber-Wordless Wednesday


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13 Responses to Spring Stirs From Her Slumber-Wordless Wednesday

  1. Lovely image for WW, Ben. 🙂

  2. Helen says:

    Great to see a lady bird out and about 🙂

  3. Chloris says:

    Lovely image, that’ s a harlequin isn’ t it?

    • Benjamin says:

      A lady bug (or lady bird bug as my grandmother called them.) A voracious appetite for aphids, so always welcome in the garden 🙂

      • Chloris says:

        Yes, but it has so many spots that I think it must be a Harlequin ladybird; Harmonia axyridis. They only arrived in the UK in 2004, but they are the fastest spreading alien species on record. They are responsible for the decline in our native ladybirds.

      • Benjamin says:

        I think you might be right. It’s such a shame when an introduced species pushes out the natives. We are swamped a couple of times a year with murmurations of starlings that run off all the other birds…

  4. Gorgeous .. And so very welcome in the garden

  5. Such a welcome sight!

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