In A Vase…err…Pumpkin On Monday

Pumpkin celsosia1And so Monday arrives with all the baggage she brings. The weekend is in the rear-view mirror, the work week  begins. Five long days to slog through on our way to another glorious October weekend.

Five more long days ’til fun and frenetic Saturday, with her soccer matches and football games and errand-running. And then here comes Fun-day Sunday and her bicycle rides , brunches and rambles in the woods. (Maybe an afternoon nap, if the planets align.)

But don’t be so hard on Monday. Monday’s okay. Monday can be good.

Cathy, over at Rambling in the Garden brings much cheer to Monday with her In a Vase on Monday meme. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may and stick ’em in a vase. Snap a picture. Congratulate  yourself on your teamwork with Mother Nature.

“But!” you cry. “That’s not a vase!”

Okay, so a pumpkin isn’t a vase. But, hey, give the artist (artist?) a bit of license.

A tin can inside a hollowed out pie pumpkin can make a dandy receptacle. Especially for these Cockscombs, or Celosia cristata, rescued from the garden before our first freeze–The night of October 17th in our Zone 6 neck o’ the woods for those keeping score.

I think it turned out quite nice…very autumn-y. Very October-y. Very Pumpkin-y. And we get to enjoy the Cockscombs for at least a few more days.

Is it freezing yet where you live? Any last minute flower/veggie grabs before Jack Frost made his visit?

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19 Responses to In A Vase…err…Pumpkin On Monday

  1. That is fabulous, love the container. I once met a tiny lady gardener who referred to her Celosias as ‘Boob Highs”. My husband to this day calls them that.
    What is the foliage?

  2. Cathy says:

    Love it! Celebrating the flowers AND the pumpkin! No frost damage here yet Benjamin. Just a lot of damp grey this week, but at least that keeps the overnight temperatures up to just above freezing point.

  3. A pumpkin can not only be a vase, it can be a bowl!!! PS, we did get a little visit from Jack Frost but I think we’ve encouraged him to leave. 😉

  4. pbmgarden says:

    Your pumpkin makes a fine vase and the celosias are a great choice to fill it. Great idea.

  5. I LOVE your pumpkin vase. A+ for originality. 🙂 We’ve had several killer frosts here so there is nothing to grab only to trim back. 🙂

  6. Cynthia says:

    Looks great! Very different ! We got a hard frost 2 nights ago but might be an Indian Summer coming over the next few days. I’ll take it!

  7. I like your vase! And those flowers are special too. No frost where we are – I would be horrified! LOL

  8. What a great idea! We had frost as well this weekend, but now enjoying some warmer weather…perhaps the after glow of our recent federal election! Happy Autumn!

  9. I love it! Perfect for late October/pre-Halloween. Perhaps your next career should be in a florist’s shop!

    We had our first hard frost Saturday night as well, and icky snow squalls throughout the day Sunday. Now we are enjoying some beautiful mid-week Indian summer weather–I actually worked up quite a sweat planting some bulbs yesterday!

    • Benjamin says:

      Snow squalls! Yikes! Indian summer is such a lovely gift. I think if we didn’t have it I’d never get my garden put to bed before the cold, cold winter sets in 😉 Happy Autumn!

  10. Love it! And still making last-minute flower and veg grabs before the first frost–which hasn’t hit yet here in South Wales (UK)! Currently enjoying some cosmos and late lillies in a tall vase in the kitchen, and probably the very last aromatic sweet peas (late sown, on purpose) in an orangina bottle in the bathroom.

    • Benjamin says:

      I love Orangina bottles for bud vases! Glad to hear the garden is still providing you with a few goodies! I’m always a little sad when the last tomato is picked 😉

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