“Not yet,” Spring whispered. “Not just yet. But soon.”

Hyacinth budA string of warm, bright days coaxed the jonquils and hyacinths and early tulips from their earthy slumber.  Happily, these sturdy plants are built for early spring because, as luck would have it, the warm weather was quickly followed by more sub-freezing temperatures, more snow and even a little freezing rain.

We did take advantage of the warm days to push a few sugar snap pea seeds into the cold ground, hoping optimistically that it’s not too soon.

We tend to rush the season, but a few seeds are a small price to pay to feel the loamy dirt in your hands. We’ll follow up in a week or two with more, but the opportunity to play gardener with was just too good to pass up.

jonquil bud

We’ve started seeds indoors as well; although I wish we’d started sooner. But the flotsam and jetsam of trays, soil-less mix, seed packets and all the rest take up much of our horizontal space and causes Ms. Professor to occasionally raise her eyebrow with disapproval.

All will be forgiven, though, with her first heirloom tomato salad.

Are you gardening yet?

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23 Responses to “Not yet,” Spring whispered. “Not just yet. But soon.”

  1. Mother Hen says:

    No veggies yet, but purchased and planted a few herbs and flowers..

  2. Chloris says:

    Goodness, I never stop gardening, March is the month rthat I kid myself that this year I will keep on top of it all.

  3. Always gardening in Auckland .. but loving your spring photos. 🙂

  4. Grower says:

    Only starting seeds inside at this point. Got six inches of snow Monday and it’s sleeting as I type this.

    • Benjamin says:

      This winter seems rather reluctant to take its leave of us. 70 and sunny here today, but another drop to below freezing tomorrow. March is always tricky 😉

  5. We had snow flurries last weekend, still have feet of snow on the ground, and there is absolutely nothing that can be done outside yet. I’m impatiently waiting. 🙂

  6. Laurie Graves says:

    Not yet, that’s for sure. In central Maine, the ground is still covered with snow. I envy you!

    • Benjamin says:

      I can’t complain about a reluctant spring when gardening friends up north are still waiting for the glacier to recede 😉 Sending sunny thoughts your way! Cheers, Ben

      • Laurie Graves says:

        Thanks, Ben! Today, the temp has actually made it to fifty degrees. Holy guacamole! It hasn’t been that warm for quite a while.

  7. Cathy says:

    Yes, I have started gardening again! Yippee! I’ve just finished the spring clean-up…. well almost, just one more pile of thorny twigs to despatch with. It is so tempting to start too early I know… we have been fortunate this year though with a mild winter and a mild spring, with plenty of sunny days for getting a few jobs done at a time. Who knows, maybe some of those seeds will surprise you, but there’s plenty of time for another sowing. 🙂

  8. Well..speaking from the other side of the valley…the glorious weather of last weekend, made us happy and clean up the garden and have a lovely bon fire. Unfortunately, with a lot of travelling ahead of us (which in itself is absolutely fantastic) we will keep the garden this at an easy to maintain level…no jummy veggies this year from our own garden. I forsee a lot of market shopping ;0)

  9. Helen says:

    I can understand that urge to get into the soil. What the heck if it is too early…..

  10. Robbie says:

    lol-I feel iike plants are taking over our house at this time of year! grrrr..my crocus are being eaten but I do have some spring blooms:-)

  11. Just checking back–have they all bloomed by now?

  12. Benjamin says:

    Indeed they have, some come and gone already, in a brief but beautiful huzzah to spring! 🙂

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