Wordless Wednesday-Our Backyard Owl and His Brave Neighbor

owl and bird

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10 Responses to Wordless Wednesday-Our Backyard Owl and His Brave Neighbor

  1. bittster says:

    hah hah. Reason number 28 as to why those plastic scare-owls don’t work!

  2. thegentlemanfarmer says:

    Yesterday evening, walking our place, my wife and I watched a small songbird about the size of yours harass and attack an owl, also about the size of yours. The owl decided the fight was not worth it and flew off, leaving the little guy victorious…

  3. What an incredible photo, you must have felt quite happy!

    • Benjamin says:

      Indeed! The sun was setting so I could only get a silhouette…wish i could’ve got a little more detail, but still happy to have had such a great view! 🙂

  4. I live in a city, but near a small lake with a park area and a wild overgrown area that was left in perpetuity to the city as long as it was left alone. For years, behind that, lived the goat woman, so as you can imagine, the area is a bit, well, rustic. When I first moved in I was overjoyed to find we had an owl in the area. I spotted him several times on my neighbor’s roof.

    Finally, the binoculars were unpacked and I discovered, much to my dismay, it was a plastic owl! Owls do come through my area, and I’ll hear them certain times of the year, but not with any regularity. You’re very lucky to have such a guardian! Lovely photo!

    • Benjamin says:

      Thanks! And we do count ourselves lucky. We only rarely catch a glimpse of the owl, but hear it frequently. We live in a suburban neighborhood but are fortunate enough to have a small wooded area in our backyard. With luck, the owl will continue to grace us with its presence. Cheers!

  5. We miss the sound of the Eastern Screech Owl which we have been lucky to hear this time of year before. Enjoy your–what kind is it?

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