Bicycle Joy

Bicycle Joy

We tugged our bicycles out of the garage, pumped up the tires, greased the chains and took ’em for a spin on a lovely spring day not long ago.

The sun was shining down from a sky as blue as a painting. My daughter was laughing and yelling, going as fast as she could, pumping her legs furiously. And the hills were challenging my winter-weakened leg muscles and giving me an inkling that walking would be difficult the next morning.

But it was nice to shake off the rust and fill the ol’ lungs full of that good spring air. There are days during this time of year when the combination of sun and breeze and beauty can inspire a joy that just can’t be contained. So we channel it into our pedals. I love spring.

I’m not sure I could ever live in a location that didn’t run the full gamut of seasons. Sometimes the cold, snow and ice of winter is a drag, but with it comes fireplaces, hot chocolate, and sledding. I don’t want to miss out on any of that stuff. And when March finally does give in and begin yielding those first mild days, the joy just spills out of you. I reckon the feeling wouldn’t be as great if you hadn’t dragged your galoshes through three or four months of winter first.

So, welcome spring! We’re glad to see you! And we’ll do our best to appreciate every day of you, even if you rain on us a little, or give us a bit of the cold shoulder. As long as you keep inspiring us with a few of those golden-green days that are unlike any other of the year.

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