Snowy Cardinal

Snowy Cardinal

It’s been an interesting winter here in the Ohio River Valley. Interesting. Lots of snow. And lots of snow shoveling. Multiple days of sub-zero temperatures. More ice on the Ohio River than we’ve seen since the late 70′s. And did I mention lots of snow. Of course, by Buffalo standards or Duluth standards or Green Bay standards, it was probably just a piddling. But I live in Kentucky, arguably considered the South (or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof.)

However, I love winter, so I’ll take it. Our sled got used this year. A lot. And we built snow people. And had snow days. It was lovely. But I think people are growing weary of snow. And cold. And wool and tweed and treacherous roads and maybe even hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows.

And I think the birds are weary, too. This little cardinal was perched in our backyard near our feeder and, perhaps I was projecting curmudgeonly thoughts into her little red head but I swear she looked like she was saying, “Enough. Enough.”

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2 Responses to Snowy Cardinal

  1. OK, I think after this last week of sticky heat I am officially ready for a little winter. (Just a little, mind!)

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